Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baltimore Comic-Con!!!

Hey everyone! It's Wednesday, and I think I'm finally caught up on all my sleep and have my energy back after Baltimore Comic-Con 2012!

This past weekend was a total blast! My friend Nicky Soh and I were invited to be special guests at Baltimore Comic-Con, thanks to Matt Wieringo, Brad Tree, and Marc Nathan at BCC. We are both recipients of the Wieringo Scholarship and they asked us to come out and show our work, and be a part of the convention! They showed us so much generosity, I don't really think I could ever pay it back!

It was a huge honor for us, not only because we were given such a high profile position, but also because it was the first time for either of us to have our own table at a convention! It was really great to meet and talk to people, as well sell sketches and prints! It was really cool to see what different fans liked and didn't and talking with people about their favorite comics and artists was really cool!

Me and Nicky at the Booth, I'm trying to look cool. 

The booth was really cool! It was alot bigger than I expected, and we got to share it with Craig Rosseau, Eric Hansen, Matt Wieringo, his wife Suzanne, and Todd DeZago! I met Todd at HeroesCon, but really got a chance to talk to him here, and he gave me some really great advice! It's always cool to meet creators who want to help you out, and it gives me that same desire to help out other people as well! Positive energy is so important!

We were so busy the whole time that neither of us had a chance to walk around and talk to people at all on Saturday! We were in the Liberty Meadows Yearbook, which was published for the first time this year, and tons of fans wanted to come by and talk to us and have us sign it for the scavenger hunt! It was a really great idea for the BCC folks to do it and I think they pulled it off really well!

Liberty Meadows Yearbook Cover

They also helped Nicky and I out by setting us up with an awesome hotel room! It was right next to the convention, and the convenience was so much more than we could ask for! It was really cool as well since we were able to share the room with two other awesome SCAD grad students, Jen Hickman and David Stoll! We had a great time hanging out with them and were really glad they wanted to share the room with us!

View from the room. Thats the Convention all right there with the walkways.

Cool picture Nicky took of me in the room. Probably letting my wonderful wife know we had arrived!

My favorite part of the Convention was the chance to talk to people, and doing sketches for people.  It can be real challenging to draw things for people on the fly, but that challenge is fun and exciting! I really hope that everyone I did sketches for really enjoyed them!

Here are a few sketches from the Con:

My first sketch of the Con, Special Thanks to Dave Tillney!



He wanted himself kneeing a zombie in the nuts! Fun to draw!

This was awesome. He had a huge 18x24 bristol with all these 2x3 slots for headsketches of the Rocketeer. Real honor to be on this with some of the other huge names he had!


All in all it was an amazing time and I'm glad to everyone who came out to see us including my parents! All it all I think it was a great experience for the both of us, and one that I'll remember for a long time to come!

Nicky and I with Matt and Suzanne! The coolest sponsors I could ever imagine!