Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone who celebrated today had a great one! I spent most of the day enjoying Skyrim, and relaxing.

I've finally gotten started on the excited, fantastic, and super cool Madness of Phantom Hitler comic with Carlos Florez and Wesley Dodge Smith. Pretty great stuff!

Fun Fact: Cats are the 7th sleepiest animal on the planet, and the most popular housepet!


Here's a sketch of my house that I did over a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finals are over, Skyrim comes, and some awesome art!

So finals are over! This past week as been totally crazy, and I haven't updated my blog for a bit because of it, but no fear! I will show you lots of awesome art today!

First up, here are some of my favorite pages I did all quarter, and a sneak peek into a project that I've been writing for awhile! These pages are for a story called SCRAWL, about a struggling writer in near future world. I wanted to have a few sequential pages so that I could at least visualize the world and storytelling, so I created these for the final project in Environments, Props, and Structures.




Awesome right!? These are just the pencilled versions, I plan on inking them over the break!

For my Environments, Props, and Structures class, I did two pages from different scripts, experimenting with different inking and watercolor techniques! I enjoyed these pages as well, and I'm pleased with them.

I.C. Hot, Stunter

Meet Cute

I hope you enjoy! I had a great quarter, but I'm definitely looking forward to the time off, as I'm starting brand new comic project today!

First things first though, it's time for breakfast and some dragon slaying!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Snowtown Murder

I learned a little bit about the Snowtown Murders the other day, after I had done this illustration, but I felt that the title was still apt. I was also inspired of Warren Ellis' and Ben Templesmith's  excellent Fell comic. Oddly for the detective version, most people made it snowing, in fact it was snowing in most of the projects from my class. Must be the change in temperature around here.  I love noir, and I love using black, so choosing this subject matter for my drawing was natural for me, and I felt that the snow would accentuate the scene.  I've been enjoying the Materials and Techniques class, and I think I'm getting better as we go!

So anyway, enjoy! This is the scan of the entire board. For the project it is cropped, but I felt this illustration would benefit from the entire picture plane. You can see the "finished"version over at my deviantart.