Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Snowtown Murder

I learned a little bit about the Snowtown Murders the other day, after I had done this illustration, but I felt that the title was still apt. I was also inspired of Warren Ellis' and Ben Templesmith's  excellent Fell comic. Oddly for the detective version, most people made it snowing, in fact it was snowing in most of the projects from my class. Must be the change in temperature around here.  I love noir, and I love using black, so choosing this subject matter for my drawing was natural for me, and I felt that the snow would accentuate the scene.  I've been enjoying the Materials and Techniques class, and I think I'm getting better as we go!

So anyway, enjoy! This is the scan of the entire board. For the project it is cropped, but I felt this illustration would benefit from the entire picture plane. You can see the "finished"version over at my deviantart.

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