Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My attempt at Paul Pope and some Tomb Raider

New art!? Oh yeah!

Eryk Donovan as Paul Pope? Nah!

This one is for my Materials and Techniques class. We were given a pencilled page which we then needed to ink in the style of a famous or established artist. I chose Paul Pope because I love the vibrancy of his line weight, and loose style. This project really gives me an appreciation for the work that he puts into his pages and the expertise he has as an artist.

This page is from my Environments, Props and Structures class. In class we made a loose action script, and each person in class drew a page number out of a hat. I got page 10, where Lara Croft swings into action to defeat the villian. I had fun with this page, and while we were not required to ink it, I think its always good to practice!

This past weekend was a little rough, I was tired and sick, and unfortunately didn't spend as much time as I needed to working, but I feel better now, so I should be able to get everything done before its due.

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