Friday, September 27, 2013

In the Dark and TipJar - Projects to knock your socks off!

Hey all!

I know I haven’t been updating much recently, but that’s because I’m hard at work!  I am proud to announce that I’m part of two awesome Kickstarter projects right now! They are both very cool, and if you like comics, horror, or just art in general, at least one of these projects is for you!

Here’s the low down and dirty -


In the Dark is a brand new horror anthology featuring some of the top and up and coming talent in the comics industry today, and is a great chance to get an anthology full of unique voices doing really cool horror tales. In the vein of the old Tales of the Crypt, Creepy, and other classic horror anthologies, you aren’t going to want to miss this!

The project is spearheaded by Rachael Deering, and she was great enough to pair me up with James Tynion IV, a talented writer and all around nice guy who has given me one of most terrifying monsters to draw. Our tale is going to blow you away!

Pledges for In the Dark start as low as $10 for the full version in PDF, and more for the hardcover. There are still some really cool donation reward tiers open, so it’s WELL worth your time and money! Take a look at In the Dark here!


TipJar is a really cool project masterminded by my great friend Nicky Soh and organized by the rad Jen Hickman! This project is a chance to get to support fresh talent, and get to know new artists(and great people) in a very intimate way- Through their sketchbooks.

Every artist knows that for every good drawing, there’s countless sketches and process work that goes into it’s creation. This is a chance to see some of each artists unique work process, as well as a chance to see experimental work that wouldn’t typically be shown portfolios, or even sketchblogs! Each artist has selected the best of their sketchworks, and contributed at least 50 sketches to the project.

Donations for TipJar start at $1. The more you “tip” the more art you’ll get. Even $1 will get you 300 awesome images, and for as little as $10 you can get the full Megabook - 700 pages of awesomeness. There are also increased reward tiers as well, and for $75 you can get the full package, 4 prints, and an original sketch commission of your choice!

Check out TipJar here! $1 isn’t much to ask to support awesome art and keep us going!

Opportunities like this aren’t going to coming around often, and trust me, you’ll want to say you were there when it happened!

Please support these projects by donating, and if that’s more than your situation allows, please share, reblog, and spread the word to your other art loving friends!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Missing Portfolio from Baltimore Comic-Con

So it seems my good friend Jorge Corona lost his portfolio this past weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con Convention center.

Most likely it was missed amongst the craziness packing up at the end of the show. We were all sitting together and there were probably 6-10 similar looking portfolios all sitting near each other and somehow it was missed during the hubbub.

Almost all of his best work including the pages for his first professional work is in there, and it is really heartbreaking for him.

This is a request to please keep an eye out for it. Unfortunately it only has his name on the interior and no contact information, so if you have seen it or have any information about it, please contact either -

Morgan Beem at - morganbeem (at) gmail (dot) com


Jorge Corona at - jorgecorona86 (at) gmail (dot) com

At their respective email addresses.

If you are an art dealer or collector and see any of these pieces for sale, consider them stolen, and please contact us and the authorities.


Monday, June 3, 2013

HeroesCon Table Placement!

Come see myself and :icondimsumdemon: at HeroesCon 2013!! We'll be there all weekend with prints, con sketches, and original art!

Hope to see you there!!

I'll also have a special edition print for the con featuring characters from Mike Wieringo and Todd Dezago's Tellos! Half of the proceeds from sales will go to the Wieringo Scholarship!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

HeroesCon Tellos Print Preview

Here's a preview of the special edition print I'm doing for HeroesCon this year! The Wieringo Scholarship really changed my life, and gave me a boost right when I needed it most, and I want to give back somehow.

Tellos is a really special comic, and I know how much Mike loved these characters, so it only seemed fitting I honor his memory this way! Half of the proceeds from the sales of the print will go to the scholarship fund, to help the next up and coming artist along the way. I will also be donating the original art to the HeroesCon auction!

I'll have colored versions of the print at table AA-712, so be sure to drop by and check it out! Hope to see you there!

Monday, May 27, 2013

HeroesCon Print Preview!

Heres the black and white art for a print I'll have at HeroesCon this year. Little redesign of my character you may have seen before!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Con Banner!

I decided I should get one of these! It'll be debuted at HeroesCon this year! Enjoy!