Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Move

Hey everyone!

I am writing this from the Savannah GA Starbucks on Broughton St! Yesterday was an intense long ride, and there have been shenanigans aplenty since we have arrived, but hopefully we'll get it all situated soon!

We had to tranquilize the cat for the 12 hour drive, as she absolutely hates cars and traveling. She managed to resist the medicine for the first few hours, and it wasn't until we increased the dose that she was willing to calm down and sleep.

The drive itself was relatively uneventful otherwise. We read about 7 chapters of Fellowship of the Ring, and listened to music. The traffic wasn't to bad and we got in around 10:15 PM.

I wish I could say that everything was totally perfect when we got home, but it really isn't, though fortunately its nothing that can't be fixed(hopefully).

The main issue right now is the air conditioning. One of the main benefits we had of picking this house is that it had central air and heat. Problem is, the AC isn't working properly, in fact it just may not be working at all! The air coming in isn't cold, and the inside of the house was up to 87 degrees, a whole degree higher than outside. Our landlady is being really nice though, and doing everything she can to try and get everything fixed up, she had an AC guy over this morning, and he is coming back tomorrow morning to try and fix more as it seemed to fail today. In the interim we have fans, which at least give us a little bit of circulation...

Only problem is that the cat is terrified of the fans. They must seem like huge strange birds, or alien creatures out to devour her. Only about an hour ago did she seem to be willing to enter the rooms with the ceiling fans, and even then she still eyed them with displeasure and wariness. I'm really hoping that she will be able to acclimate herself to them.

Other than that we are settling in ok, we did some shopping for necessities and picked up some cheap area rugs today for the wooden paneled living room and our bedroom. They look small, but I hope once all the furniture arrives in a few days they'll be the perfect size.

I'll be sure to update more once I get settled in and get our internet set up early next week.

Keep cool everybody!


  1. Have you ever shown her that cat/fan clip? That might be the problem.

  2. No I haven't though that did come to mind. At this point though she seems to have accepted their existence with a slight discontent, but has decided there are other things worth investing her time in :P