Friday, February 15, 2013

Playlist! Brand new Kickstarter project!

I have an announcement to make! I'm excited to say that I will be collaborating with one of my favorites, the super cool band Brazil, in creating a comic for an awesome kickstarter project called Playlist!

This is the cover for our tale, entitled You Never Know, based on Brazil's song of the same name.

This project is featuring 200 pages of awesome comics from a bunch of great, talented and super nice comic illustrators! Every story will feature a song interpreted by one of the artists into comic form. There will be a wide variety of artistic style and voice, all bringing music by some great musicians and bands to life!

Please take a look at the project and help us bring this amazing project to fruition!

You can check out some of the great artist's on their dA sites here!

:iconlilithim: Our editor and awesome artist!

:iconarielakris: :iconjorgecor:
:iconpinkthreadcomplex: :iconthecreatorhd:
:iconjeeyon: :iconjosephine-leclaire:

And many more!

Really excited to see this project happen! It is going to be totally unique and something really special that you'll want to be a part of!

Our success will be because of you! Enjoy, spread the word, and donate!


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