Friday, February 8, 2013

ArtBook - Sixty Shades of Blue - Nicky Soh Kickstarter

Recently my good buddy Nicky Soh started a Kickstarter for an art collection book called Sixty Shades of Blue! It looks like an awesome project, and I highly recommend donating to it, or in the least sharing the project with friends who enjoy this kind of stuff as well!

Let me just give you a little background on the project!

Last spring, Nicky started creating small illustrations in his free time as a way of relieving himself of any pressure from his other projects. It was a way to both experiment with style and drawing techniques, as well as cathartic means to draw unusual content. I am lucky enough to own one of these drawings, and I gotta tell you, they are all beautiful.

After amassing an amount of these, and having enough interest from friends and family, Nicky decided to put them into a compilation art book, and share them with the world! He also will include 20 pages of process and preliminary sketches, and has asked myself and 14 other super talented artists to do our own interpretation of his drawings for the book if the project gets funded!

I'm really excited about this project, and I think you should be too!

Here are some of my favorites of his blue pencils drawings that you could expect to see in the book!

Crazy Robot



Bang!Bang! I'm lucky enough to have the original for this one!

Aren't they great! There are 56 more to be seen in this awesome collection! Take a look, check it out, and share the love!

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