Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer time in PA, Chomp Ilustration, and other such thoughts.

I am back home from Savannah now. I finished my SCAD quarter strong, all the grades aren't back yet but I am keeping my fingers crossed for that 4.0. It has been good being back, seeing friends and spending time with my lovely fiance.

Its also been a little stressful! I currently have literally $20 to my name and while I am starting work tomorrow at Wal-Mart, I won't be getting paid for a least another two weeks! Since I am also moving to Savannah in the fall for at least the remainder of my SCAD education, there is alot of planning and organizing and situating that needs to be done in the next month. I have decided to sell of my car as it is of little use to me once I live in Savannah, and since the transmission is totally shot, I feel like paying anything to replace it at this point will be a net loss. Hopefully someone will want to pick it up for a few hundred bucks to get parts or mess around with fixing. It's a toyota, and I took good care of it overall so it should be in pretty repairable shape.

I haven't done any serious drawing since last monday, and its starting to KILL me! Tonight there will be some drawing done for sure! That being said I have a fun illustration that I did for my friend Ian McGinty as fanart for his comic Chomp. He is hoping to pitch it and get it published sometime in the next year or so, and as I think its freaking AWESOME I was happy to do some fanarts for him!

Check it out!

I had a great time drawing it, and Ian was pretty pleased with it as well!

Also please keep in mind that I am still open for character drawing commissions! They start at $10 and go up with more characters, backgrounds, etc. Please email me at if you have any interest in getting one from me.

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