Sunday, June 19, 2011

Workspace and process

Work desk with some thumbnails

Thought it would be fun so show a pic of my current workspace. Its a little cramped, not exactly prime, but it gets the job done!

Here you can see some thumbnails for a short comic I'm working on that I'm calling "Smuggler's Run". Its a Sci-fi tale fraught with mystery and danger. It should give me a good chance to practice drawing some detailed interiors as well as some space ships. I am hoping it will be accepted into an anthology that one of the grad students at SCAD is putting together. I just have 2 more pages of thumbnails to go and I'm ready to start on the real deal!

I have had these two pads of Strathmore 200 comic paper sitting in my closet for about a year now. This paper is not 2 ply, so doing anything but pencilling on it is a little difficult. When I spotted blacks on it with the india ink a few months ago the paper started warping a little, and the crow quill tore the paper way to easily. In general I feel it is actually a pretty poor choice for doing serious comic work on, however it occurred to me that it would be great for doing thumbnail work and layouts on. I really like being able to see the pages side by side, not only does it help me envision what the reader will see as they turn the page and open the book, I like being able to look over the entirety of the project and see what Ive gotten done so far.

I don't know if Ill keep working like this once this paper is gone as it is pretty expensive for thumbs, but I just may if I find it to help my process alot.

Thats enough for now, I'm going to have a really busy week coming up, I've got work at the old establishment Monday through Wednesday, and then I'm heading straight to Savannah with Kate come Thursday morning. We are going down to find an apartment, so wish us luck on finding a good place!

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