Sunday, May 22, 2011

SCRAWL and the weekly happenings.

I'm currently sitting in the SCAD Jen Library, listening to the beats of Andy Blueman and writing a research paper for my Islamic Art and Architecture class. It came to me the other day this is actually the second to last weekend I have here in Savannah before the summer break. That thought is both exhilarating and a little frightening.

I have a new project that I am excited to work on over this summer. I'm currently calling it SCRAWL. Here is a little preview

Look interesting!?

I think so! Its about an as of yet unnamed writer, and some of his adventures and personal struggles in a slightly futuristic world.

Wish me luck! I have so much to do this summer, and it's very challenging working in writing and drawing a story while working 40 hours a week. Its a part of life that I will probably be dealing with for a large chuck of my life, but nevertheless isn't something I'm looking forward too. Im much more interested in just writing and drawing as my full time job. But as they say, thats the dream!

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