Saturday, May 28, 2011

5-28-2011 Update and art

I've got one week of school left. I have a few projects I need to refine and finish up, then I pack my bags and hop on a train back to PA.

I'm looking forward to being home, seeing my friends, spending some time with my fiance, but I miss the sequential art community that I have here in Savannah. I'm already looking ahead to the fall when I'll be back down here.

This weekend is going to be all about getting my projects finished. We have a really cool project for my Drawing class that involves us using the setting of River Street here in Savannah. River St. has all kinds of great old architecture, and plenty of different settings that will be really fun to incorporate into a drawing. I still haven't quite decided exactly what I plan to include however, and that of course is absolutely key in making any good piece of figurative art.

I also want to share a quick bit of cool work I did the other night. It is a few characters from my Wings a Shadow Cast story that I created with a friend of mine years ago. One day we'll actually make the thing a reality in paper form? Who knows. Regardless I still enjoy drawing the characters on occasion.

Sweet right? I need to draw more actual comics though, I probably spend too much time just having fun doodling or doing compositions like this one.

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