Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1 hour Comic

Tonight I was quite tired when I got home from work. This is really not saying much, I'm usually tired when I get home, but it was really bothering me as Tuesday is typically one of my "drawing" nights.

I read Sean Michael Robinson's blog about 24 hour comic day at HU this morning when I woke up, a few minutes before I left for work. It had me thinking about making comics fast all day long. I decided that I wanted to do that challenge some time in the near future, but I wasnt quite sure when.

I got home, did an ink portrait of one of my characters, and then when I was done I noticed that it was 11pm. "I wonder if I could do a page in an hour" I thought to myself, just a one shot, nothing super complicated, but I did and here it is!

I'm pretty proud of myself, I'm not gonna lie.

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