Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Missing Portfolio from Baltimore Comic-Con

So it seems my good friend Jorge Corona lost his portfolio this past weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con Convention center.

Most likely it was missed amongst the craziness packing up at the end of the show. We were all sitting together and there were probably 6-10 similar looking portfolios all sitting near each other and somehow it was missed during the hubbub.

Almost all of his best work including the pages for his first professional work is in there, and it is really heartbreaking for him.

This is a request to please keep an eye out for it. Unfortunately it only has his name on the interior and no contact information, so if you have seen it or have any information about it, please contact either -

Morgan Beem at - morganbeem (at) gmail (dot) com


Jorge Corona at - jorgecorona86 (at) gmail (dot) com

At their respective email addresses.

If you are an art dealer or collector and see any of these pieces for sale, consider them stolen, and please contact us and the authorities.


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