Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Its been awhile since I last updated!

School seems to be going good so far, but I still need a job! I haven't had as many commissions as I was hoping for, maybe I am charging to much, or maybe its because I haven't bought into selling my soul with that manga fad.

before you get angry about that statement, let me defend myself.

I like manga. I love anime.

I have liked manga and anime for a long time. In fact I remember when the only way to watch anime on tv was to tune into SciFi after two on a saturday night. Its everywhere now. There are alot of fun things about it, but what people are following mainly these days is doing nothing for any artform. The style is still copied from styles previous, most art has little backgrounds or proper story, its just a bunch of expository dialogue drawn out over months to make more money.

I digress, plenty of bad things can be said about american comic books as well, I'm not even going to get into that. Ultimately it comes down to the artist themselves, and I see more american artists experimenting and pushing the artform forward that I see from manga-artists.

SO, point being...

I am putting new rates for my commissions! I'm only taking them down a little bit, I value my work way to much not to charge what I am, BUT I really hope people take advantage of it.

In other news, SCAD is fun, I'm so glad to be focusing on comics again and learning and imrpvoing my critical thinking and skills!

I'm still Hungry.

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